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should read Ristretto image viewer, not risretto, on your initial stormos homepage.

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Subject: [xubuntu-users] StormOS Beta ISO out

Hi everybody,

The StormOS Hail Beta ISO has now been released and is available for download immediately, grab it here. 

StormOS is the first desktop distribution based on Nexenta Core
Platform 2 which combines the power of the Solaris kernel with the ease
of use of Ubuntu. It aims to be a lightweight OS with everything the
average user would want out-of-the-box. 
The project was started due to my dissatisfaction with OpenSolaris.
I found it slow on my netbook, and although it runs great on my desktop
I dislike IPS. APT is much nicer.
Out of the box it includes:
	* Polished Xfce 4 Desktop enviroment
	* Abiword word processor
	* Gnumeric spreadsheet
	* Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program
	* Rhythmbox Music Player with support for iPod + iTunes sharing and Last.fm
	* Risretto image viewer
	* Fast and customizable Firefox 3 web browser
	* Easy package management with Synaptic Package Manager and gdebi
	* Transmission bittorrent client
	* Evince PDF viewer
	* File-roller archive manager with Thunar integration
The first release is called "Hardy Hail" or just "Hail" for
I welcome feedback on the forums or IRC channel (#stormos on irc.freenode.net).

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