[xubuntu-users] Free CD distribution program for Xubuntu

Todd Robinson todd at webpath.net
Fri Jul 24 20:27:53 UTC 2009

Hello World! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

The guys from the #xubuntu-devel IRC channel sent me over to get some 
community feedback before taking any "official" action such as linking 
it from xubuntu.org.  (Gotta love a distribution that asks your opinion 

The short version is that a couple of months ago we hosted a small back 
yard dinner party and one of the developers asked if we might be able to 
supply "Ship It" type support for Xubuntu. Since that time other 
distributions have also inquired about the possibility.

It just so happens that the end of July, and through most of August, 
only a small portion of our production equipment is used, so I couldn't 
think of any better time to give it a shot and see how it goes. Since it 
was someone from Xubuntu who asked first, I felt it only fair we start 
with Xubuntu.

I've spent a couple of days running the numbers over and over, and 
working out details to the point where I'm fairly confident we can make 
this work. I've posted a wiki page with all the details here: 
The actual listing went up about an hour ago: 

For those not familiar with On-Disk.com, we have been very active in the 
Open Source community for a number of years. We are the "Official" media 
vendor for over 50 different distributions (yes, even for Ubuntu: 
http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/purchase/north-america), have set the 
standard for Live Media production (Flash Drives, SD Cards, CF Cards), 
etc. We were selected by the One Laptop Per Child organization and 
Fedora to supply the Fedora 10 SD cards for the previous Give 1 Get 1 
promotion...and if I have my way we'll have F11 for the XO on SD cards 
within a week. We are also, contrary to the appearance, a small 
home-based family business, so if you were wondering why we can't afford 
to foot the bill for shipping costs, this is why.

If anyone has any problems obtaining the free disc please let me know so 
I can troubleshoot the process. I did have to make a few adjustments to 
our site to get this lined up, and it's very possible I could have 
missed something.

Thank you,

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