[xubuntu-users] Screen Resolution

David J. Ellis dr.ellis at physics.org
Mon Dec 21 23:05:34 UTC 2009

Thanks very much for sending that. I'll fiddle with it in a few days when I
get some time over Xmas. An example like that is extremely helpful as its
been almost 20 years since I looked at a UNIX box. I was never that well
versed on UNIX even then ;-)


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I remember now that the nVidia display settings tool did not work when I
installed Karmic - some bug I presume - so I simply copied the
/etc/X11/xorg.conf from my old Jaunty install.  It all worked fine in

For what it's worth, you could copy stuff from my xorg.conf - but change the
'1280x1024' to whatever the native resolution of your screen is.  (Just make
a copy of your current xorg.conf before you start.)



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