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Pasi Lallinaho open at knome.fi
Mon Dec 7 17:26:29 UTC 2009

Daniel Herrera wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 10:09 AM, Mihamina Rakotomandimby
> <mihamina at gulfsat.mg> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> In replacement of GDM in XUbuntu,
>>>> How about LXDM?
>>> An LXDE-team blog post about LXDM says that LXDM was only working on
>>> Fedora, and that Ubuntu users may have issues with it.  If anyone is
>>> willing to install it and give it a try, file bug reports for any
>>> issues they experience, and perhaps even hack on it, please feel free
>>> to do so.
>>> LXDM is not currently available in the Ubuntu repositories, so you
>>> would need to install and configure it on your own,
>> Well...
>> Slim is out of the repos too.
> I like Slim too, I think the latest release of GDM is kinda unstable,
> and I don't really understand why is Feh a dependence.
We need feh to set the GDM background. I don't like the new GDM that
much either, but it was the only choice.
> Oh, by the way, GDM broke itself. Now I have a brownish login manager.
>> Using Karmic right now, I am starting XFCE with starxfce4 :-)
> Heh, using console is great.
Not for an average user, though.
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