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John Alfred Nathanael Chee cheecheeo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 21:54:41 UTC 2009

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 05:39, T H Stearns <thomasstearns at comcast.net> wrote:
> Another triumph! 1280X1024 is now on my list of resolutions. Scary working
> in the "root."
> When I log in at startup, is that password the "root" password? If not, what
> is a  root password?
> If I make an error in editing the scripts, does this force a re-install or
> can I edit the commands in Safe mode? I suppose it depends on the magnitude
> of the error.
> Can you point me to a good, condensed explanation of Unix editing?

For the root question, and the ubuntu take on the situation see:

As far as editing, Xubuntu and Linux in general prevent you from
editing things that you shouldn't be changing, unless of course you're
logged in as root or using sudo. So the first thing would be to make
sure that you know what you're doing when using sudo or trust the
person/HOWTO/walkthrough directing you to use sudo. Second, you should
make a backup of the file you're planning on editing before editing
it, so that you can always put everything back the way you had it.

An example of something I should have probably told you to do when
changing the gdm default init script would have been something like:

# Create a backup of the file in the current directory named
cp /etc/gdm/Init/Default etc_gdm_Init_Default
# Edit the file
sudo mousepad /etc/gdm/Init/Default
# Something goes wrong... so you restore the file
sudo cp etc_gdm_Init_Default /etc/gdm/Init/Default

And you should be back to the state you started in.

Love in Jesus Christ, John Alfred Nathanael Chee

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