[xubuntu-users] How to associate .doc files with Open Office Writer

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Wed Dec 2 14:49:10 UTC 2009

On Wed, 02 Dec 2009 07:26:21 -0600
Randy <Randy at 1800Ubuntu.com> wrote:

> I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on another machine and for some reason Open 
> Office was not installed by defualt with it.  I've installed Open 
> Office, there was no menu item created for it so I've created launchers 
> for its various apps.  But how do I associate .doc files with Open 
> Office Writer in Thunar, so that when I click on a .doc file it will 
> open in OO.
> Thanks,
> Randy

OpenOffice is not supposed to install by default with Xubuntu. to
associate the files, just right-click the file, left-click properties,
you should be on the General tab. Look for "Open With: " and select the
application you want to always open .doc files with. Then click Close.
Then open the file, by right clicking and choosing Writer this time.
From that point forward, OO Writer should be the default for .doc files.

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