[xubuntu-users] Catfish search problems and finding files

Brett Murch brettmurch at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 22:51:49 BST 2009

Hi Lee,

With catfish I think that there is a option to use locate or slocate
instead of find. I would try those first as they will find files and
folders better. I think that catfish uses find. try that and if it
doesn't work you may just need to update the database which is easy to

It kind indexes your drive manually like what you were saying that you

If you really want to find where things are located then the terminal is
I think the best place to look. When you open a terminal and type sudo
updatedb that "indexes" your files. Then you can type locate and the
files and folders that you are looking for. 

When it lists the files it also lists the path that they are in, like if
you wanted to find a folder called music. Type locate music in a
terminal and it will bring back something like 


and so on and so on.

try those and see how you go.

On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 16:55 -0400, Lee Gold wrote:
> I have Python IDE called Idle installed.  I want to find a folder or file called:  idleib
> 9.04
> I put it in Catfish and have File System as the search target. It might take a long time but I think it would find something. Instead I get "Fatal error search aborted" after a few seconds.
> I'm having trouble locating things in Xubuntu. In XP I know it'll be either under C:\Python26 or in Program Files. In Linux I have no idea at this point. Also the searching seems not to be robust. In XP even though I have the indexing turned off, a search will in my experience be robust and "grind" it out to find the file or folder. What's up with this "fatal error" in Catfish?
> Is there a place in Synaptic which keeps a record of where things are installed? Is there some way I can find out where things are installed? I could learn this by using Catfish a lot - but it has to be robust and simple. Folders(dirs) files - any object should be found. Are there Catfish alternatives or is the problem not Catfish? Also I prefer not to have indexing running in background, I just want a search or run indexing manually when I want if that'll help.
> Thanks
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