[xubuntu-users] Running Ubuntu or Xubuntu with 550 Mhz and 186 MB RAM?

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 12:48:21 UTC 2008

Hello Pasi

Thanks again for your quick reply! A few last remarks/ questions remain 
- see below.
> The minimal CD doesn't install anything it doesn't *necessarily* need.You have to install anything by yourself, but in this case it is an advantage, of course. Therefore the performance of the installed system is controllable by you.

This sounds good...

> X environment is the graphical environment. You need to install a bunch of packages to get a graphical environment.

Could that be one of 'light alternative Window Managers', like Openbox 
or Fluxbox? Can I find such software in the repository when working with 
the minimal image CD?

> CLI = command line interface. With this option you can control even more the packages which will be installed. You are asked/offered this at
> install time with minimal CD.
Can I choose this option somewhere in the beginning of the installation 

>>> There is a lot of alternative Window Managers, which are even more light than any Desktop Environment (including Xfce), for example Openbox or Fluxbox. These need a bit more experience/hacking skills/time/configuring, but are also worth considering.
'Openbox', 'Fluxbox': do such packages provide some minimal graphical 

> See answer above; by installing Xfce you're using more performance than with Openbox, for example. Choosing the correct DE/WM is quite a big question, imho.

What means 'DE/ WM'?

>> The minimal CD image is same for all. The difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu is the DE but since it's not installed, the minimal CD would be
>> the same anyway.

What means 'DE'?

Thx. for replying. Respectfully Yours,

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