[xubuntu-users] Printer Issue

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Jun 23 00:01:25 UTC 2008

   Not long ago I moved the hard drive from an IBM ThinkPad 600E to a Toshiba
Tecra 8000, and made the adjustments for the hardware differences.
Xubuntu-7.10 was installed then (and -8.04 as of this afternoon).

   After the move to a different portable, my wife discovered that a message
box continually pops up in the upper left corner of the screen with the

"Not connected?
"Printer laser5_duplex may not be connected."

   This is the expected situation, since the printer is off, and a network
node rather than directly connected to a workstation or server.

   I have not discovered how to make this message dialog stay away when it's
closed; it almost immediately re-appears.

   I've looked at /etc/cups/printers.conf and it's the same on the laptop as
it is on the workstations and servers. I've not discovered where this
message dialog might be generated.

   Suggestions appreciated.


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