[xubuntu-users] xubuntu-desktop package installs gnome

Ivo Jimenez ivojimenez at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 11:19:30 UTC 2008

I've been using xubuntu since dapper and I love it.

I'm now using Hardy and I mistakenly uninstalled the xubuntu-desktop
package. When I installing it again, aptitude automatically wanted to
install gnome:

$ sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Reading extended state information
Initializing package states... Done
Building tag database... Done
The following NEW packages will be automatically installed:
  alacarte capplets-data cdrdao deskbar-applet desktop-base
evolution-data-server evolution-data-server-common gnome-about gnome-applets

  gnome-applets-data gnome-control-center gnome-desktop-data gnome-doc-utils
gnome-media gnome-menus gnome-netstatus-applet gnome-panel
  gnome-panel-data gnome-session gnome-settings-daemon gnome-user-guide
gnome-utils gromit gvfs gvfs-backends libao2 libarchive1 libatspi1.0-0
  libcdio-cdda0 libcdio-paranoia0 libedata-book1.2-2 libedata-cal1.2-6
libedataserverui1.2-8 libeel2-2 libeel2-data libegroupwise1.2-13
  libgdata-google1.2-1 libgdata1.2-1 libgnome-window-settings1
libgnomevfs2-extra libgvfscommon0 libgweather-common libgweather1 librarian0

  libxml2-utils menu menu-xdg metacity mousetweaks nautilus
nautilus-cd-burner nautilus-data python-beagle python-fpconst python-gmenu
  python-soappy totem-common totem-gstreamer totem-mozilla totem-plugins
totem-plugins-extra xdg-user-dirs xsltproc yelp

Is this OK? How could I restore the xubuntu-desktop package? I want to have
it for future consistent dist-upgrades.

Thanks in advance!
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