[xubuntu-users] possibility to replace firefox with lightweight browsers (such as webkit and kazahakase) at hardy+1

Mark Farnell mark.farnell at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 06:04:41 UTC 2008

Currently Xubuntu is becoming more and more bulky and less suitable
for old machines, thus defeating the original purpose of Xubuntu.  One
of the contributor for the bulkiness (and slow running) is firefox.
Would it be likely for firefox to be replaced by something lighter
such as  kazahakase?  Kazahakase is already used as the default
browser in fluxbuntu and it is more stable than other lightweight
browsers such as midori (webkit based).  In fact I am writing this
email using kazahakase installed on my Xubuntu laptop.

What do you think?


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