[xubuntu-users] Mouse cursor disappears in Gutsy Gibbon

Asporaa asporaa at yahoo.it
Wed Oct 24 07:26:29 UTC 2007

I recently installed the new Xubuntu 7.10 and it is SUPERB: much faster than 
before and really really cool!!
But I have a really strange flaw: sometimes (and I don't know why) the mouse 
cursor suddenly disappears!!
Last time happened when I was using the Gimp: I can still click on everything 
but it becomes "invisible" and I was not able to make it visible again. I 
tried to logout and login again or to restart X but my cursor comes back only 
after reboot!!
I looked on the forum for any suggestion, but I didn't find anything. I also 
posted on the ubuntu-forum, without success. Maybe this mailing list is the 
right place.
Could someone help me??
I have a Dell Latitude X200 and installed the released version of Gutsy Gibbon 
(not r.c.): no compiz neither Xgl.
Many thanks.

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