[xubuntu-users] speeding up 7.10

Joerg Thuemmler listen at vordruckleitverlag.de
Thu Nov 29 15:44:06 UTC 2007

Franji Mayes wrote:
> Thank you, this makes more sense to me now. I ran "uname -a" and it does
> have the i686 kernel installed. So now I'm still trying to figure out what
> else I can do to speed things up. I'm willing/able to add more RAM, but
> would like to see if there are any other improvements I can make first.
> I read that problems can be caused if you don't wipe clean your hard drive
> before installing Linux. When I installed Xubuntu 7.10, I chose the option
> that said it would partition everything and wipe out whatever was already on
> there. Maybe I should have wiped it clean first, and then installed it?
> If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful to hear them. I'm running
> a laptop w/ 646 Mhz Celeron, 6G HDD, 192 MB RAM.
> Thank you to everyone on the list for your patience with my emails!


IMHO that's not much for modern linux (graphic using) system, although
xfce is fast it seems small to me. I use a Via C III 1 Ghz with 1 GB RAM
and it's not too fast (no, it isn't bad!).

Best - if you using the laptop only local - looking for services to kill...
(no ssh needed -> kill, no ....) there's always a lot running. And yes,
RAM is indeed a good thing. And look for DMA on your harddisk (man hdparm),
that may be of essential speedup.


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