[xubuntu-users] Random Freezes on Old machine

João Santiago exalowprofile at gmail.com
Sat May 26 10:56:33 UTC 2007

Hi y'all!

I convinced a friend of mine to switch to Xubuntu, since he was using Xp and
the computer was at it's knees. Now it runs flawlessly, he can even watch
videos, both local and from the Internet (Youtube, Google video, etc.).

The problem is that without any error or notice the screen freezes, just
like that. If I'm, for example, listening to music, it will continue to
play, but the screen doesn't change (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't work). This
also happens when the screensaver comes up - I can't get back to the
desktop, being forced to manually reboot.

His specs are pretty bad: Celeron 1Ghz, 256Mb RAM, Nvidia Aladdin TNT 16MB
(nvidia-legacy drivers are installed and activated). The system is
completely up-to-date.

Just a note: this doesn't happen when I open a specific app, it just happens
out of the blue.

Anything you can think of? Does XU logs this type of occorence? If it does,
where can I see them?

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