[xubuntu-users] Getting ready to load Xubuntu

Gauvain Pocentek gauvainpocentek at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 04:07:44 UTC 2007

Skip Evans wrote:
> Hey all,

Hi Skip,

> We're a PHP/MySQL shop using Debian/Fluxbox on our 
> workstations and we're taking a look at Xubuntu.
> Do I understand correctly that Xubuntu comes on a 
> live CD with the option to "install do HD" kind of 
> thing?


> What tips would anyone have for someone installing 
> Xu for the first time? Any configuration issues to 
> watch for?

The desktop environment part is set up for you, so you should not have 
to change the configuration to make things work. Of course this doesn't 
mean that you can't change a thing, everything can be configured 
according to your needs after the installation. About the servers part, 
if you know how to install/configure them on a debian box, you won't 
have any trouble with xubuntu. The software management system is the 
same (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic...), and you'll find almost the same 
packages than in debian, maybe a little more up-to-date.


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