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> I am new to the group, and I apologize in advance for my lack of
> xubuntu understanding.  I installed the newest version on a Toshiba
> Satellite Pro laptop 440CDX.  There is very little there to see!  My
> basic question is this:
> Is Xubuntu used mostly by experienced users that are willing to
> wonder how to run a browser from the command line?!  and the need to
> install a separate calculator program?! (Absolutely no offense to
> either of those individuals).  I mean, I was looking for a full
> function OS such as Linux, however one that would run well on a
> lower-end machine such as my old laptop (Win98 previously).  While I
> certainly enjoy the challenge of 'making everythink work' that was
> not what I was looking for in this OS.  Again, no offense to anyone,
> but trying to figure things out.  Alrightl, all, educate me!

Why don't you run synaptic package manager and install a calculator?
While I think they should have this installed by default, it isn't hard
to install it yourself.  Calculators aren't necessarily used by
everyone, so they left it off. It only takes a few minutes to search
and install one yourself. There is a learning curve with every
operating system.  If you have never installed one before they are all
a pain including windows. With Windows you have to install and
antivirus, firewalls and a spyware program.
> Rob

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