[xubuntu-users] Removal of Thunderbird and Firefox

Richard Jenkins rjenkins at alphalink.com.au
Sun Jan 14 12:40:36 UTC 2007

My xubuntu distribution is loaded onto a machine with limited memory and low 
processing power.  I have replaced these two programs with Sylpheed and also 
Epiphany-browser.  This machine is now more responsive ... and I would like 
to remove the two mozilla-based programs from the desktop.  Simple removal 
also offers to remove the xubuntu desktop.  Can this be separated?  By the 
way my machine is a 366 MHz celeron based laptop with 96 meg of RAM.  I can 
take it anywhere there is a power outlet ... and connect to the internet 
with any one of three choices...dialup, ethernet or wireless (with pcmcia 
card).  I have stuck with xubuntu 6.06 ... after a couple of disasters with 
version 6.10.  I think that I shall probably throw out the machine when 
support for 6.06 is wound up in a couple of years.  It's just too old!! 


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