[xubuntu-users] Two file managers at the same time?

Coleman Stocks szf2001 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 04:46:44 UTC 2007

Holy crap, when I ran it with the terminal (just by typing in "thunar"),  
two of them came up just like usual.

I've made sure to update everything to the latest, but there is no luck  
there either.

This is... odd. It comes in handy when I need to switch stuff to my USB  
drive from my hard drive and vice versa, but I barely ever do that, so two  
at once can get pretty annoying...

On Thu, 01 Feb 2007 13:46:58 -0700, ono devo <onodevo at gmail.com> wrote:

> what happens when you run it from the command line? Do two pop up or
> one? If only one pops up, it's probably a problem with the launcher.
> On 1/31/07, Coleman Stocks <szf2001 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So, whats up with Thunar? Every time I open it, rather by going through
>> Applications or with the custom launcher I added to my panel (acts  
>> exactly
>> the same as if you went through the Applications list), two Thunar file
>> managers come up, even though I need only one. I've installed Xubuntu  
>> many
>> times before this, and each time the same thing happened (crappy  
>> computer
>> fyi) when it came to Thunar. Anyone got any solutions or even answers as
>> to why this happens?
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