[xubuntu-users] replace kdm in init.d ?

Adam Miller maxamillion at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 15:08:28 UTC 2007

xfwm4 and kdm are completely different programs that perform very different
functions. xubuntu uses gdm by default and you are able to chose that over
kdm if you like, and you won't need to replace kdm or gdm to be able to run
xfce, just choose it as your session and when you log in it will ask if you
would like to make it default, tell it yes and all is well.


On 4/18/07, Phil Pinkerton <pcpinkerton at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just installed Xubuntu-desktop on feisty herd5 amd64.
> It is really cool but I am not familiar with setting it up.
> how do I replace kdm or gdm in /etc/init.d so Xfce4 will run by default ?
> I would like to be able to choose Xubuntu, Kubuntu or ubuntu on boot-up
> how do I set this up ?
> Can xfwm4 replace kdm ?  how is it configured?
> philrio
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