Addition of a music player app

Martin Sjöstrand b.m.sjostrand at
Sun May 16 19:07:05 UTC 2021

Not that I'm in the team, but I would vote for Pragha. It's lightweight, 
and fills most peoples basic needs I think.


Den 2021-05-16 kl. 20:35, skrev Yousuf Philips:
> Hi Team,
> As part of my research[1] of other flavors and Xfce distros, it was 
> clear that Xubuntu was missing a music player app, as parole isn't a 
> suitable replacement. Xubuntu previously shipped the Exaile music 
> player until 2016, as it became unmaintained. Here are some possible 
> music players that can be added to the next release of Xubuntu.
> 1. rhythmbox (8,473kb): The recommended option as it is in regular 
> development and is used by flavors (gnome, mate, budgie) as well as 
> xfce distros (mint, manjaro, mx).
> 2. pragha (2,293kb): Lighter weight than rhythmbox, used in opensuse 
> xfce, and last released in Feb 2019.
> 3. exile[2]: Was upgraded to a gtk3 and gstreamer 1 in 2019 and is 
> getting regular updates, but isn't in debian and possibly we wouldn't 
> want to get bitten by this again.
> [1] 
> <>
> [2] <>
> Regards,
> Yousuf
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