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Wed May 6 06:36:45 UTC 2020

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On 5.5.2020 22.00, Yousuf Philips wrote:
> Hi Team,
> Here is my idea of what the docs homepage could look like, in two 
> variations.
> On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 5:11 PM Yousuf Philips <ypharis at 
> <mailto:ypharis at>> wrote:
>     Hi Team,
>     We had the meeting yesterday which Sean, Bernardo, Stephen, and I
>     attended, where we discussed our plans to improve the
>     documentation. Various meeting minutes were put into the main
>     google doc[1] and we plan to meet once a week to discuss things to
>     keep the pace of work going forward. Each week we'll be working on
>     a single docs page/chapter, in a google doc I prepare, so that we
>     all have a central place to collaborate on its improvement, and
>     can also reach out to the community to contribute to. At each
>     meeting we'll review the page's edits and finalize it and then it
>     will be copied over to the git repo.
>     Sean will be investigating various options to make it easier for
>     contributors to help keep the docs up to date. A telegram group[2]
>     has been created for those that want to be involved and we can
>     bridge it with a #xubuntu-docs irc channel if there are those
>     wanting it.
>     So for this week, we'll be improving the main documentation
>     homepage[3] in this google doc[4]. During the meeting we agreed
>     upon these changes
>     * As this page is not translated, the useful parts of the contents
>     of this page will move to the Table of Contents (ToC) page, so
>     that it can be translated.
>     * The page would become just a language selector which leads to
>     the translated ToC page.
>     People can suggest ideas of how this language selector page can
>     look in the google doc[4] or on the mailing list.
>     Regards,
>     Yousuf
>     [1]
>     [2]
>     [3]
>     [4]

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