Proposal for additional pre-installed apps - Please consider those (txt)

Yousuf Philips ypharis at
Sun Mar 15 14:56:41 UTC 2020

Hi Tiger,

Don't use the commandline much, so can't really comment much on your
suggestions, but will say that as an ex-windows user, nano was a breath of
fresh air when i first got introduced to vim, and many people on podcasts i
listen to also use nano. example -

  PS: for the Live version a tool to give a hardware overview would be
> helpful for Support/Maintenance/Debugging work. I am installing "hardinfo"
> on every PC, but there might be others.

As hardinfo hasn't been shipped in a while, i've been using `inxi -b` in
the terminal to get such info, as it comes pre-installed. Others like to
use neofetch or screenfetch in the terminal which requires installation. If
you need a gui, you might wanna try iNex -
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