Notes from BDLL's Xubuntu 19.10 distro challenge

Yousuf Philips ypharis at
Tue Mar 10 00:45:45 UTC 2020

Hi Team,

I watched the distro challenge by Big Daddy Linux Live for Xubuntu 19.10
<> and made notes of the various
issues that they brought up and wanted to share it with you with time
stamps so its easy to get to the particular issue that was mentioned
without having to watch the entire 1 hour of discussion. But there was no
surprise that the top issue was the Super key.

4:43 Today's date isnt highlighted in calendar when you click another date
5:31 With multiple workspaces, change to a different workspace didnt have a
6:07 Three finger tap

10:58 Super Key not assigned to menu
12:01 When you have an encrypted install, you cant tell where your input is
to put in the password

16:20 Super Key not assigned to menu
16:39 Installed with zfs and desktop shows 2 rpools and 1 bpool

18:34 Coming out of suspension with 720 resolution rather than 1080
18:56 Have panel presets (he must not be aware that they are available)

23:27 Super Key not assigned to menu

24:29 Problem adjusting volume

37:38 HDMI settings not retaining

38:11 installer page with third party options only had 2 checkboxes and not
43:27 whisker menu should have power/logout buttons next to search
46:46 problems with Zoom app as audio and video settings page is blank
(likely package issue)
48:26 Super Key not assigned to menu

50:56 dual screen issue

55:15 screen goes blank after 10 mins when watching videos

In addition to the video review, the BDLL team also had a discourse page
about it.
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