Xubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts Review

Yousuf Philips ypharis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 01:32:12 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm new to Xubuntu contributions and saw the meeting minutes about the
keyboard shortcuts and wanted to suggest some changes based on research
i've done testing a number of distros and personal experience when
migrating to Xubuntu.

1. Changing Ctrl + Alt + Delete - Only XFCE distros use this for lock,
while Ubuntu Mate, Kubuntu, Linux Mint Cinammon, and Windows use this to
show the shutdown/logout dialog and think it would be good to change it to
this. Also Super + L was added so there are now 3 shortcuts for Lock.

2. Changing Super + E - Only Xubuntu uses Super + E to open mousepad, while
Lubuntu, Linux Mint Cinammon and Windows use this to open the file manager.
Manjaro XFCE use Ctrl + Shift + F to open thunar, so this could likely be a
secondary shortcut for it.

3. Setting Ctrl + Shift + Escape - Easy access to the task manager is
something I find quite useful and utilizing the same shortcut as on Windows
is a good idea, as we cant use Ctrl + Escape used by Kubuntu as that opens
the application menu.

4. Setting Ctrl + Space - A number of application launchers use this
shortcut to launch, likely because its similar to Mac OS's Cmd + Space, and
i think it would be good to tie this to xfrun4, or alternatively appfinder
or the whisker menu.

I look forward to your feedback and working together with the team to make
Xubuntu and XFCE better. The research i did of the distros can be found in
this google doc.

Yousuf Philips
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