New Keyboard Shortcuts for Xubuntu

Dave Pearson dave at
Sat Jun 15 15:29:20 UTC 2019

The first two, I totally agree with, they are sensible and I would use.


The super + space I think personally  is a bit clumsy. 




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Subject: New Keyboard Shortcuts for Xubuntu


Hello everyone!


During today's Xubuntu community meeting, we discussed the potential of shipping some new keyboard shortcuts in Xubuntu. I proposed the following shortcuts found in other DEs and OSes.


Super+D: Show Desktop

Super+L: Lock Screen


Spass also recommended Super+Space to display the applications menu. This one is found in elementary OS, and possibly other desktops as well.


Team, what do you think? Should we proceed with adding the first two shortcuts? Super+Space? Others? Discuss it here.





Sean Davis (bluesabre)

Xubuntu Technical Lead

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