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So, I'll continue here with a list of video ideas. Each one will be less
than 10 minutes, so they will be quick How-To's to get people up and
running, give them a quick synopsis on how to use a program, or some
popular examples of programs (that do their best to adhere to the Strategy
Document) to use in a certain situation. They are very basic to start, then
can get more in-depth:

   - An overview of the Xubuntu desktop
   - Connecting to your home network and the Internet
   - Browsing the Internet
   - Editing office documents
   - Reading email
   - Chatting with friends
   - Browsing local and network files
   - Adding a printer
   - Installing new software
   - Using proprietary drivers
   - Adding PPA's
   - Playing video games
   - Watching videos and music
   - Ripping CDs and DVDs
   - Burning CDs and DVDs
   - Reading and scanning PDF documents
   - Editing raster and vector graphics
   - Editing audio
   - Editing video
   - Customizing the panel and menu
   - Changing application appearance
   - Improving laptop battery performance
   - Running virtual machines
   - Developing on Linux
   - Contributing to Xubuntu

Andrew Crouthamel

On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 11:32 PM, Andrew Crouthamel <crouthamela at>

> Hello everyone,
> Some of you may have met me on IRC already as "Perigee", to the others who
> have not, hi!
> I've recently joined QA and will be testing the daily branch on a number
> of computers I have. But, I'd also like to offer something in addition to
> that. I suppose it falls under Documentation.
> My side business is producing IT training videos. If you do a little
> Googling on my name you'll probably find a few examples such as my YouTube
> channel where I've uploaded a full CCNA course for free, courses for
> Pluralsight and Packt Publishing I've done, and other stuff. I'm also a
> Cisco Academy Instructor and teach at a local community college.
> I'd like to produce some Xubuntu training videos if the team thinks that
> would be beneficial, and hopefully we could nail down some of those details
> here if you do. From some initial discussions about it on IRC, it sounded
> like a good idea.
> At this point I'd like to open this up for comments and questions, and we
> can then move on to details such as content.
> ---
> Andrew Crouthamel
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