[TEAM] Modifying the minimum required RAM

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Mon Jan 23 22:27:44 UTC 2017


On 01/24/2017 12:22 AM, flocculant wrote:
> As per
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2017-January/011416.html
> While I have no doubt that Xubuntu will 'run' with 512MB of RAM - I'd
> not personally like to do so with the increasing requirement that
> applications (browsers for instance) place upon a system.
> Even a vm Xubuntu has used 305MB according to free -m without anything
> started.
> Better to up that minimum to at least 1024MB.

These are two different things, how much Xubuntu takes memory,
and how much applications and application *content* may take

Maybe it's enough to mention that content that people nowadays
view with www-browsers and office SW can often require (several)
GB of RAM for them to work comfortably?

(E.g. browsers will constantly reload tabs in phones & tablets
if they have just 0.5GB of RAM.  On Linux desktop, like Xubuntu,
they would just swap horribly.)

	- Eero

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