[TEAM] Clarifying the minimum requirements to install/try/run

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Mon Jan 23 21:24:30 UTC 2017


based on a discussion that happened a while ago, and after checking if 
the council was OK with the general direction, I want to start a 
discussion on the minimum system requirements – and changing them to 
suit our needs better.

Currently, our website [1] says the following:

    To *install* or *try Xubuntu* within the Desktop/Live DVD, you need
    *256 MB* of memory, if you are using the /Minimal CD/, which uses
    the non-graphical Debian Installer and downloads packages as you
    install, you need 128 MB of memory.

    *Once installed*, you should have at least *512 MB* of memory.

There are several things I'm proposing to change here. First, the 
minimum requirements for installing or trying Xubuntu should match the 
minimum requirements of actually using Xubuntu. There are (at least) 
three reasons to do this:
– It's very unlikely that somebody will install/try Xubuntu with less 
memory than they'll have after they have installed the system
– The experience the user will get when trying Xubuntu with 256MB memory 
will not be ideal, or even close
– To avoid confusion; we don't want to let people think there is even a 
slim chance that 256MB is enough

Another thing I want to propose is the removal of the mention to the 
minimal CD. Again, there are a few main reasons for this:
– While the minimal CD can be helpful for some, it isn't Xubuntu
– Installing the Xubuntu desktop from the minimal CD will still require 
a minimum of 512MB to run at least somewhat smoothly; we want to avoid 
confusion and not make people think they can run Xubuntu with as little 
as 128MB memory

As you can see from the argumentation above, the main target is to 
clarify the minimum requirements and avoid any confusion.

If anybody has anything against the proposed above, please reply to this 
mail within a week with argumentation. If no objections are made, I will 
start the process to change this information on the website.

Another question that is related, but out of the scope of this exact 
discussion is if we should make the minimum required amount of RAM 
higher than it is now. If people have ideas about this, feel free to 
share them on this mailing list – but please start another thread.


[1] http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/requirements/

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