Updated suggestions for the 18.04 wallpaper contest policies

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Sun Dec 3 22:42:16 UTC 2017

Hello people,

following up on the last thread [1] about the 18.04 LTS community 
wallpaper contest, here's a revised and clarified set of policy suggestions.

1) Limiting submissions

The same argumentation still applies:
> While I'd like to see the number of submissions go up, I would like 
> them to be from a bigger group of people. Additionally, this means 
> we'll make the submitters pick their best work instead of us having to 
> vote on it.

I'd propose limiting the submission to a maximum of five (5) per person. 
Looking at the two first contests, having this policy would only have an 
impact on a few individuals.

2) Own work only (including derivative works)

Here's the original proposal:
> Second, I would like to limit submissions to own work only. While this 
> means we are potentially excluding people from the contest, we are 
> still making the contest more about the community – not just a 
> community curated contest.

I would like to add that the original intent – while it unfortunately 
doesn't show in the comment – was to allow *derivative* works. Or in 
other words, as long as the original work you are taking has a suitable 
license and you modify it enough to clearly stand as its own 
(derivative) work, the submission is completely OK.

Looking at the previous contests, this policy would *only* have affected 
submissions made by the Xubuntu team members, myself included. I want to 
make this contest even more about the community, which is why I'm 
suggesting this change. (Or in other words, I wouldn't call a contest 
you can win by submitting somebody else's work you found from the 
internet a "community" contest.)

Please do comment on these suggestions within a week so we can get on 
with the planning (and launching the contest) soon.



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