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flocculant flocculant at gmx.co.uk
Sat Sep 24 12:56:13 UTC 2016

We've discovered other issues this morning around this - you can test if 
you want to - but I'd be surprised if you didn't find the same problems.

In addition we've found similar problems on Ubuntu - so hopefully we'll 
have other people looking at the bug as well.

So for the moment you can stand down if you've not started

thanks all

On 23/09/16 18:38, flocculant wrote:
> Further to yesterday's mail.
> We have 2 testcases now for gnome-screensaver and xscreensaver.
> It is important the testcases are run in the order they appear on the 
> package tracker.
> The 2 tests can be seen at the top of 
> http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/361/builds/117794/testcases
> It does explain in the testcases about _not reporting_ bugs against 
> these testcase, but I will reiterate it here. Rather than fail either 
> of these 2 testcases - pass them and use the Comment area instead.
> As intimated on yesterday's mail - we do not have much time to deal 
> with this issue.
> It shouldn't take much longer than 10 minutes to run both tests and 
> report on the tracker - but you will need to test on hardware.
> regards
> Kev

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