Final Beta Testing

flocculant flocculant at
Thu Sep 22 16:50:17 UTC 2016

I'm calling a halt to testing on this milestone, we will not be 
releasing the beta due to the lock bug. We'll do some smoketesting just 
to make sure the iso installs properly, but that's easy enough to do. I 
do it daily anyway.

So relax for the moment and take a deep breath while we deal with the 

Over the next day or so, the Tech Lead and I will be setting up a 
testcase for people to test some options as a replacement for light-locker.

As people will know there is little time between now and Final Release.

So we need to get some replacement choices, test as much as possible, 
then make the change to the seed before the Release Candidate arrives.

Once the test is set up, it will live on the package tracker and we will 
want as many people as possible to test that for us.

Hope that makes sense.



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