Final Beta Testing

flocculant flocculant at
Wed Sep 21 11:07:31 UTC 2016

Hi all

we have some images to test for the Final Beta.

Mostly there are no major issues with this image.

It does still need people to check this.

You'll note I said mostly ...

we do have 1 bug which will to stop us from releasing the beta

This is affecting lock and as a result returning from suspend.

WE do need as much testing of this as possible in the next few days, 
while we're unlikely to release Beta - we need to be in a position to 
decide on our options for the release of Yakkety in October.

If you have extra information you can add to the bug report please do so 
- we don't need any 'affects me too' comments however - that is what 
is for.


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