Xubuntu 16.04 default desktop

Makay József makay at androbit.net
Tue Mar 8 11:16:35 UTC 2016


My name is József Makay – editor-in-chief at Androbit.net, exUbuntu, 
exOpenSUSE, exDebian, now Xubuntu user. If it's possible I want to share 
my opinion about Xubuntu desktop.

Xubuntu's Xfce deskop is basically great but there are some (three) 
little thing with you can improve the user experience.

1. Panel on the top is very annoying when you are using a browser 
because tabs and task bar are too close to each other. Please move to 
bottom, million Windows-users will love it.

2. Whisper launcher button is too small. Please, give a name 
(Applications) for this button and change the icon to a smaller, white icon.

3. Change the wallpaper. Everything is better than the current default.

This is my Xubuntu desktop, I hope it will be inspiration for you.

Have a nice day,
József Makay

*Makay József* (editor-in-chief)
makay at androbit.net

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