is limited involvement in development desired/possible?

JMZ florentior at
Wed Jul 27 23:32:51 UTC 2016


I would be interested in helping with the development process, but I 
haven't much time to devote to the endeavor.  Until now, I have merely 
developed detours around any bugs in yakkety that I have encountered so 
I can keep working.  If I do find bugs, where do I post the launchpad 
report?  On this list with url?  I don't right now have the ability to 
run multiple machines to test 16.04 xenial lts and yakkety at the same 
time, so comparisons between the stable and unstable versions are not 
possible.  I won't have time to make the irc meetings.  As seen, my 
participation will be quite limited. Any other ideas?


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