sudden freeze after login, Yakkety 16.10

JMZ florentior at
Tue Jul 26 02:51:13 UTC 2016


Okay, I get a sudden freeze after I log into Yakkety.  my fstab is 
correct to my knowledge.  When I exit to terminal, I am able to use 
'startx' to get the gui going (though, the gui is having problems 
loading my autostart queue.)  Anyway, I won't panic until I can't enter 
the gui from the terminal.  Also, I can reload what Yakkety "forgets" in 
the autostart queue.  Minor inconveniences, but I chalk it up to 
development -- if I choose to use unstable software ...

Anyone experience anything similar?  I'm not inclined to make a bug 
report on Launchpad, but if others think it's a good idea I will.


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