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Hello Bill,

find comments inline.

On 2016-12-11 00:24, bill wrote:
> Dear Team,
> Why has the 16.04 xubuntu version been made so inferior to previous 
> issues ?

Taking an aggressive tone and/or attitude is not helping making the team 
try to listen to your problems. I understand any frustration that might 
arise from something not working exactly as you want, but please 
remember that Xubuntu is a volunteer-driven project where everybody 
gives their free time to create something for you.

> I am finding I have to continuously return to previous versions for a 
> reasonable operating system. One very simple example is the software 
> available on the ubuntu software centre. Not only are the options 
> available poor, but the means of accessing what is available abysmal. 
> Another serious problem is the poor availability of web searching 
> programs. Both Chrome and Google make demands before their use, and it 
> is difficult to understand what has happened to Midori and how it is 
> to be used. Where have all the rest gone ?

We are aware that the new Software application is not the perfect choice 
for users, who want to look at all of the options available. On the 
other hand, we've figured out these people are in the minority and 
usually know their way to install another package manager or use the 
command-line tools for that. Maybe you want to look at Synaptic?

> There seems to be a dumbing down gradually occurring. I am sorry to 
> criticise, but the problem is that past xubuntu versions were superb 
> and their operation intuitive.

Apart from the package manager, you haven't specified anything else that 
is "dumbed down". To be fair, relatively little has changed, so I'm 
wondering what might those other things be.

Furthermore, while criticism is welcome, we'd love to hear your workable 
ideas on how we could potentially make the situation better. Or maybe 
you would like to contribute and look at the options available and help 
us integrate one of them into Xubuntu?

> Comparisons may be odious but so is 16.04. 15.04 etc wasn't much 
> better.  Failure to support previous versions will eventually drive 
> users to other operating systems; or is that the objective?

Again, this kind of aggressive tone/attitude isn't helping your cause 
and is not respectful for the work people have put into the project.

Finally, if you want to have serious and constructive discussions about 
development-related issues, please subscribe to the mailing list [1] so 
we don't have to moderate each of your messages. Making sure the subject 
line is appropriate for the discussion at hand also helps interested 
people spot the discussions they want to/should read.



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