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bill heckle at
Sat Dec 10 22:24:12 UTC 2016

Dear Team,

Why has the 16.04 xubuntu version been made so inferior to previous 
issues ? I am finding I have to continuously return to previous versions 
for a reasonable operating system. One very simple example is the 
software available on the ubuntu software centre. Not only are the 
options available poor, but the means of accessing what is available 
abysmal. Another serious problem is the poor availability of web 
searching programs. Both Chrome and Google make demands before their 
use, and it is difficult to understand what has happened to Midori and 
how it is to be used. Where have all the rest gone ?

There seems to be a dumbing down gradually occurring. I am sorry to 
criticise, but the problem is that past xubuntu versions were superb and 
their operation intuitive. Comparisons may be odious but so is 16.04. 
15.04 etc wasn't much better.  Failure to support previous versions will 
eventually drive users to other operating systems; or is that the objective?

Bill Heckle

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