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   I like Xubuntu with pure XFCE.

   Xubuntu is as pure as Debian with XFCE with the advantage of being an 
Ubuntu flavor

   I think Xubuntu perfect the way it is


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Em 22/08/2016 16:28, Mark F escreveu:
> I'm a new Xubuntu user. I've been using Lubuntu for over a year. I saw 
> this topic in the mailing-list archives and thought this post 
> (questions, observations) might be welcome here. I think it ties into 
> marketing?
> I looked at Mint Xfce and, to be honest, I like it *much* more. The 
> only reason I went with Xubuntu is the larger community of support 
> (Ubuntu's forums). I'd rather try to make Xubuntu better than to 
> contribute to a fork.
> What I'm wondering is whether you guys ever evaluate Mint Xfce and 
> consider evolving the desktop in that direction? Is it ever even 
> discussed? (Is there a way to find a past discussion like that in the 
> mailing-list archive?).
> For example:
> - Wisker menu progresses right to left (categories are on right open 
> to reveal contents on the left). Using MintX, right-to-left stood out 
> to me immediately as more intuitive.
> - Right/left clicking on taskbar entries seems unintuitive to me. It 
> seems like left clicks are passed through the applet and into the 
> underlying taskbar. (Right clicks access the applet's options?). MintX 
> seems to have addressed this. It works differently.
> - Wisker menu's categories automatically reveal content by mousing 
> over each one. (No click required).
> - How is inclusion into Wisker's "Settings" and "System" chosen? It's 
> like everything is in Settings. I'm not sure I could differentiate 
> between those two categories. But, it seems like no differentiation is 
> occuring. (But, it is because two items are in "System.").
> - A lot of things seem unintuitive to me. What's called "[Distro] 
> Software Center" in other distros is just "Software" in Xubuntu. It's 
> in the "Favorites" category, not in "System" nor "Settings."
> - The "Software" tool seems very slow and uninformative compared to 
> Lubuntu's "Software Center" (And MintX's). I tried to install 
> Keepass2, which was available in Lubutu's software center. It's not in 
> Xubuntu's.
>     - I found a Keepass package, but it made me authenticate with my
>     Ubuntu single-signon. It wouldn't authenticate me, giving a
>     repeated error (even though I can login to the Ubuntu One site). I
>     like the goal behind this. But, it's a free package. I shouldn't
>     have to go through these hurdles. It's a *big* problem if I can't
>     access my passwords in a new install.
> - Menu bar on top. Not easy to figure out how to put it on the bottom. 
> Not "mainstream" if you're trying to appeal to new users (familiar 
> with Windows)?
> So, I'm just wondering (in terms of marketing, appealing to more 
> users), has this topic ever come up before? Evaluating what draws 
> people to other Xfce environments? What the others are doing right? 
> Why they chose to fork (and duplicate efforts)? Would it make sense to 
> solicit surveys (instead of testimonials)?
> I hope this doesn't sound like I'm complaining. I understand no 
> desktop will meet everyone's needs. But, this thread implies outreach, 
> seeking to gain popularity. MintX seems more popular (according to 
> distrowatch?). I'm just wondering if this discussion has ever 
> occurred? (I.e., should Xubuntu try to incorporate any of MintX's 
> features?).
> Is it possible to install MintX's desktop in Xubuntu? Would it make 
> sense to offer that desktop more clearly (or a desktop made 
> specifically to be more like MintX, so people who might choose that 
> distro could more easily choose Xubuntu?).
> Again, I hope I'm not causing a problem. This topic seemed to be about 
> advocacy, increasing relevancy. Since I've just been comparing Xfce 
> desktops, the topic of "why is Xubuntu's desktop the way it is?" 
> seemed like a natural question. It makes me wonder if anyone has gone 
> back to "square one" and questioned everything. (When I see everything 
> lumped into "Settings," I get the impression that discussion hasn't 
> occured. The desktop is just an evolution and hasn't been re-thought 
> from the ground up?).
> I look forward to reading responses. I just feel like something is 
> missing. Ubuntu has the support and immediacy of security patches. 
> But, Mint has the appeal to new users (IMO). I just wonder if anyone 
> has tried to bridge that gap.
> Thanks!

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