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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Thu Apr 21 09:34:37 UTC 2016

On 2016-04-19 07:43, Annetts, Dave (Mineral Resources, Kensington) wrote:
> Hi,
> At, you 
> list Guayadeque as a possible media player for Xubuntu 16.04.
> Guayadeque's developer has stated 
> ( 
> that because development has ceased, 14.04 is the last recommended 
> ?buntu.
> Which is a shame, because it does exactly what I need.
> How many other media players also fall into this category?
> Regards,
> David Annetts.

Hello David,

the Xubuntu team did a fair amount of checking to make sure we only list 
current media managers. Guayadeques front page didn't mention anything 
about being dead, and it did have releases after 2012, which is why it 
has slipped through. For what it's worth, you still can use it if it 
works for you; even if the maintainer points out a certain release as 
the last recommended one, it doesn't mean later versions can't work for 
some people.

The other media managers listed have had the same level of scrutiny; we 
believe they are at least somewhat active, since they have relatively 
recent releases and no specific mention of being obsolete. That said, 
it's possible that their development has stopped since, or isn't very 
active; the Xubuntu team does not maintain these projects so we don't 
have any first-hand information.

All the above said, I believe the ones we have listed (along with 
gmusicbrowser and Clementine, which have their own articles) belong to 
the most active media manager projects around.

Hope this helps answer your question.


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