Very Late Xenial Testing Call

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Wed Apr 20 21:25:25 UTC 2016

Well this is late ... many apologies to all.

Another global rebuild is due sometime in the next few hours (currently 

The rebuild is due to some "global" issues surfacing. At the same time 
it did give us an opportunity to land a couple of really late Thunar 
patches, which help towards the copy/refresh issue that has been showing up.

What we need now isforpeople who can try for that last minute push – and 
test any ISO that does turn up. New ISOs will be numbered (AT LEAST) 

Here's the fewspecific things that should be fixed on the new ISOs:

If time is an issue PLEASE choose option 3 ;)

Any smoketesting required shortly prior to release will be undertaken by 
Xubuntu QA - as is normal.

1) "Install Xubuntu" should now always proceed with installing  
(smoketesting the installer is enough)
This respin should fix the Try/Install fail (eg. choose Install and get 
the live desktop - also affected choices from the first 

2)Swap creation fail issue is fixed from all affected installation methods

3)Less Thunar issues should appear  (live boot or a fresh install from a 
new ISO)
XUBUNTU-SPECIFIC ISSUE. Check renaming and moving files with Thunar – 
crashes should be either happen less often or be gone. See the bug list 
below to see bugs that this patch is supposed to fix.

- file order changes when 
- Thunar crashes on file renaming
- Thunar crash while copying
- Thunar crash while dragging 
and dropping


Kev and the Xubuntu QA Team

(see you on the /Yakkety Yak /release - freeform pad for you to add what 
you hate, what you like, what you want is at 
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