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Tue Apr 12 12:33:33 UTC 2016

On 05/04/16 11:19, Cosimo Concilio wrote:
> Hello.
> This a simple screenshot of the current daily build (April 4, 2016) of 
> Xubuntu 16.04 64bit in Catalan. Still half Catalan half English. After 
> more than one month waiting for approval in order to enter into the 
> LoCo team to help translate, writing e-mails to everyone, going to the 
> dev-channel in IRC, and getting no answer from anyone in the LoCo 
> team, I just want to mention two things.
> 1) I totally give up
> 2) If you really care about Xubuntu and want to make it a good tool 
> for people to use, I suggest to review the acceptance procedures as 
> you can easily loose people who wants to contribute to help the 
> community.
> The disappointed angry Man,
> ...snip...

As has been explained to you on more than one occasion  on IRC - we 
don't have control over this.

If you've an issue with the way a LoCo is dealing with something like 
this, your first port of call should be the LoCo concerned, if you're 
not getting anywhere then try the LoCo Council, their mailing list is 
loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com

While there well may be issues with the way that translations are dealt 
with - this is a subject that is much larger than just one flavour.

Another team where it may be possible to gain some traction on dealing 
with the generic issue is the Ubuntu Community Team - 
ubuntu-community-team at lists.ubuntu.com
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