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Tue Oct 27 07:47:35 UTC 2015

Now that we have usable iso's we can start making moves on testing.

This cycle we will be testing iso's - of course - but we will be pushing 
that to testers less frequently. At the moment, that is likely to happen 
at milestones or when we need something specific testing affecting the iso.

                    *This cycle the focus will be on packages. *

So, to deal with the simplest part first, the tracker [1]

That is now set up with 3 sections:

  * Xubuntu LTS A Priority : packages that we will be asking to be
    tested often

  * Xubuntu LTS Mandatory : packages that we will be asking to be tested
    less often, but more often than

  * Xubuntu LTS Run Once/Optional : which are set at run-once or optional

Mails will be sent to the -devel mailing list as normal for those calls, 
in addition developers will also be calling, as appropriate, for testing 
of packages when fixes are landing - often these will need you to enable 
one of our PPAs.  Of course there is no need to wait for a mail from us 
to test them ;)

There is a section on our website [2] which deals with PPAs and much 
more beside.

You can add the ppa to xenial and wily and be using the package the 
developer is close to releasing.

This early in the cycle it isn't quite so easy to run the dev version as 
your daily machine, but certainly by mid-cycle we get very little 
breakage. Though during the last cycle I don't remember one instance 
where I was left with an unusable installation and I run a day or two 
after the last dev gets released.

Given that we are leading up to the next LTS we're particularly looking, 
in addition to normal bugs, for /usability/ bugs. So if you daily use 
something and think that, for example

  * That icon looks odd amongst the others

  * The way I have to use this breaks my workflow

  * Why doesn't this do that instead?

Please report them, we do read bug reports - it might get marked Won't 
Fix, Opinion - but the important thing is that it's been thought of and 
acted on.

    /We do want people, where it is at all possible, to run the dev
    version somehow, be that with a dual-boot or a vm (where you can
    snapshot) as much as you can. But a //_very useful_//second place
    goes to running wily with the 3 development PPAs, in fact the
    majority of the development work will be done on wily. /

We are looking forward to releasing another well tested Long Term 
Support [3] release.

[2] http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/
[3] http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-14-04-qa-recap/
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