Vivid QA incentives report

Paul White paulw2u at
Sat May 16 15:46:38 UTC 2015

On Sat, 16 May 2015, at 14:09, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:

> Instead, we're using the Launchpad blueprints (for the Vivid cycle, see
> [3] and all of it's children under the dependency tree) of which are
> automatically gathered under [4] (for Vivid: [5]).
> Does this help with the organizational aspect - or the apparent lack of
> it?

Thanks for your reply Pasi.

I wasn't really aware of what was or that the Xubuntu
team even used it. When I have a little more time I need to study that
site to get a better understanding of what I am being shown.

I was really suggesting the introduction of something much simpler that
could perhaps be brought into use quickly and updated easily, especially
after a call for testing for the various milestones.

Simple tools need to be used in order to attract testers and keeping
them testing. Referring users that have only just started to contribute
to testing Xubuntu to will probably just frighten them

What I am suggesting is an easy to understand one-screen approach to
tell testers what needs special attention during their testing session.
  Paul White
  PaulW2U at

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