TEAM: Wily Werewolf Milestone participation

Elfy ub.untu at
Wed May 13 07:16:39 UTC 2015

On 12/05/15 19:33, Elfy wrote:
> For the last two cycles we've not taken part in milestones until the 
> Beta stage.
> We need to decide how we're going to play this cycle.
> I've not got a problem if we do the same - though it might be useful 
> to play it by ear, and decide closer to the time they arrive 
> (currently unable to say when - Wily release schedule not published yet)
> On the other hand - the LTS cycle starts in 7 months, so do we do them 
> all getting back into practice so to speak.
Overnight the schedule turned up.

Also - "In the release session at UOS we talked about the desire to have 
community members responsible for driving the releases of milestones,
especially the ones that Ubuntu itself is not participating in." [1]

Kubuntu, Lubuntu and us did this last cycle - so I'll be expecting to 
NOT do that this cycle. If there are no volunteers - there'll be, I 
assume, no milestones.


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