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Tue Jun 2 10:40:17 UTC 2015

On 01/06/15 14:42, Nima Panahi Aram wrote:
> Dear Sir / Madam
> I found may bugs in Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Lubuntu and Ubuntu Mate 15.10,
> So, What should I do ?

If you think the bugs are high in importance or critical (and aren't
from upstream), you can try to contact the flavor development team.

If the bugs are upstream bugs (sourcing from the package, not in Ubuntu
packaging or some other corner cases), the best thing to do is to file
them upstream.

> Also, I have many suggestions and ideas for Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Lubuntu
> and Ubuntu Mate improvements, So, What should I do ?

Send them to the appropriate developer/community mailing lists (for
Xubuntu, this list) or get in touch with the developers in another way
(read more about contributing and getting in touch with the Xubuntu team
at [1]).

Note that all suggestions and ideas can or will not be implemented.
Being willing to put in some effort yourself helps if the idea is
generally reasonable.

> I`m waiting for your response.
> Thanks.
> Nima Panahi Aram


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