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Wed Jun 3 22:48:58 UTC 2015


I've been playing around with the Xubuntu website content and
organization lately and have some thoughts about reorganization that
would make the (menu) structure more logical - and hopefully easier to
grasp - both for us and our visitors. The result of my thought process
is laid out below.

The Get Involved page needs some reorganization and a change of focus.
Currently, we focus on the three tips and then continue with subteams.
Since we communicate a lot and often, we should instead emphasize our
communication channels – the IRC channel and the developer mailing list.

The subteams are somewhat awkwardly grouped and make no sense (any
more). This will require a few redirections from the IS but I'll happily
handle the requests and follow-ups.

An early draft for the new page can be found at [1]. Please note that
you need to log in to the website in order to be able to access this
page. Members of the Xubuntu team and/or website team can do this.

Currently, we list both "The Team" and "The Community" as top menu
items. The content inside these is a bit overlapping and it's hard to
say where you should find some of the information in some cases.

Option 1: xm-community-ph.png

Since we want to emphasize the community instead of the team, I propose
we change the menu item "The Team" to "The Community" and group the
following subpages under it (in the following order):
  – The Team Blog
  – Get Involved (moving from "The Community")
  – Contact Us
  – Developer Area (new, add when content is ready)

"The Community" should be renamed to something else, but I don't know
what yet (ideas welcome). In any case, the subpages under that would be
(at least) the following:
  – Products
  – Donate

I'm unsure where the "Resources & Assets" subpage should fall into yet –
it's possible that it shouldn't even have it's own menu item.

Option 2: xm-community-developer.png

If the developer area seems to grow, grouping all the abovementioned
menu items under "The Community" is possible, with the exception that
the Developer Area menu item would become another top menu item.

The developer area is still work in progress. Content that could/should
fall under it:
  – Team calendar (currently unlinked)
  – Current development cycle, including stuff like links to appropriate
blueprints, the work items tracker etc.




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