How different are the live version and the installed version of Xubuntu?

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Thu Jan 29 18:46:56 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-29 12:10, George DiceGeorge wrote:
> How different are the live version and the installed version?

Close, but not exactly the same.

> Is there a webpage that explains this

No, as maintaining that would make little sense (this isn't a very 
common question and it usually doesn't make a big difference). If you 
want, you can practically do everything you can do the other on the 
other as well.

> Am I right that...
> When its live the user cant download new software like LibreOffice?

You can install new software when using the live DVD as normally. The 
applications installed are then stored in your RAM. However, once you 
boot, you will have to install the software again (and create all work 
again, unless you saved it on some other storage media).

If you use a USB disk with persistence, then you can install 
applications and save documents as normally. But then again, that's like 
a regular system anyway, on an USB stick.

> Is gparted in the live version but not the installed version?

That's true. I believe we are inheriting this function from Ubuntu desktop.

For the record, the argument for doing this like it is done that is that 
a partitioning tool is often useful on a live disc, but since it's also 
a very dangerous tool if misused, it's better to not install it for the 
desktop. This way the user needs to take the extra step to install 
GParted, but on the other hand, they will also have more time (and 
steps) to think about what they are doing.

> I’ve read that the safest way to do online banking is with a live disk
> (because then trojans etc  cant have got installed).
> If this is true then it would be a very good idea
> KeePass or similar on the live disk.

There's a flaw in your logic. If applications couldn't be installed (and 
thus files not saved) on a live disc, how would installing KeePass make 
any sense, since you would always need to set it up again?

> (and maybe spreadsheet and spell checker)
> Live disk could be used by:
> 1) beginners evaluating whether to install (does internet and sound work)
> 2) people mending crashed computers
> 3) online banking
> 4) run from usb stick on shared computers?
> 5) any others?

This can be done already.


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