How different are the live version and the installed version of Xubuntu?

George DiceGeorge dicegeorge at
Thu Jan 29 10:10:05 UTC 2015

How different are the live version and the installed version?
Is there a webpage that explains this
Am I right that...
When its live the user cant download new software like LibreOffice?
Is gparted in the live version but not the installed version?
I’ve read that the safest way to do online banking is with a live disk
(because then trojans etc  cant have got installed).
If this is true then it would be a very good idea
KeePass or similar on the live disk.
(and maybe spreadsheet and spell checker)

Live disk could be used by:
1) beginners evaluating whether to install (does internet and sound work)
2) people mending crashed computers
3) online banking
4) run from usb stick on shared computers?
5) any others?


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We are thinking about standard on the go users who run Xubuntu Live, 
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