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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Fri Jan 16 21:42:22 UTC 2015

Hello Robert,

and thanks a lot for the feedback. I'd like to dig deeper in it, so if
you are willing, please look below and answer a few more questions :)

On 16/01/15 21:04, Robert Finley wrote:
> Hello, I am "average_guy" on freenode and finley-rob on Launchpad.
> I test images from time to time.  Several flavors on x86, amd64, and
> ppc, and yes, I report on the tracker.  My involvement with Ubuntu is
> sporadic at best though. I guess because it is thankless.  It was
> whatever version first had Amazon on the Unity launcher, I suddenly
> felt like, I am just donating my time to make someone else rich.
> Sooner or later, if they can build the following, Canonical will
> probably do to their desktop OS what RedHat did to their enterprise one.

What kind of "thank you" would motivate you to come back more often?

How could we communicate it better that Xubuntu* is a community-driven
project and it doing well doesn't directly translate to Canonical
getting richer? Or in other words, how could we verify you are giving
back to the community (volunteer people working on Xubuntu, and anybody
using Xubuntu) – not a corporate entity that only cares about money?


* Or any flavor, really; except maybe Kubuntu, which is getting some
company funding

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