Vivid Vervet Beta 1

Elfy ub.untu at
Tue Feb 24 07:16:20 UTC 2015

Beta 1 images will be  available today for testing at

Specific links to the 64 and 32 bit tests for us will get to the list
when available.

As always we'd like as many tests done by as many different people as
possible. More coverage should hopefully give us a better picture of the
overall state of our images.

If you can do at least a livesession check on hardware that gives a
better picture - at least we can be sure that odd graphic issues are not
due to your choice of virtual machine.

Any tests run on hardware are preferred, but I'm more than aware that
it's not always possible to do a complete suite of image tests on
hardware only.

One of the issues that's been brought to people's attention is the list
of bugs on the tracker - having to mouseover them isn't very user
friendly - there is work being done to try and attend to that, in the
meantime here are the lists that I work with [1,2,(3)] The Launchpad
link only refers to bugs seen from using Xubuntu installation media,
neither of these are exhaustive.



[3] - the unshortened version of that for those untrusting of shortened
links is

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